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Fully Enclosed Frameless Glass Wine Rooms

Show off  your wine collection with a fully enclosed and chilled wine room. We have the expertise in many types of glass enclosed wine cellars such as:


  • Frameless 

  • Framed Dual Pane

  • Grided


Our frameless wine rooms are truly a work of art and give your home a piece of the high end design. We use all American made hardware in our installations so you have the highest quality in your home.

Framed Glass Wine Rooms For Utah 

For better insulative qualities, we provide dual paned framed wine cellars as well. You’ll still be able to show off the beautiful bottles and cabinetry while getting the better insulative qualities of dual paned glass to better help maintain temperature and humidity.


Salt Lake's Top Choice for Gridded Glass Wine Cellars

Need a more modern design? We are one of the few glass experts in Utah that can fabricate gridded glass wine rooms. Imagine the sleek grid lines framing your beautiful collection and matching the aesthetic of your home. Be one of the few with a gridded glass wine cellar in Utah.

Give us a call today, 801-830-9449 for a free quote.
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